Annik Dufour

Annik Dufour (M.Ost) is a Swiss/British national registered with the General Osteopathic Council. She is a graduate of the British School of Osteopathy and treats patients of all ages.
Annik's holistic approach to Osteopathy is informed by a cross disciplinary medical background gained in hospitals and private clinics; managing disabled and post-operative patients, cardiovascular and neurological health rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
She has special interest, experience and skills in support of expecting mothers and treating infants and children. 
All treatments are supported with appropriate recommended advice and/or Yoga or Pilates exercises and stretches.
With a dedicated and diligent approach, Annik offers effective treatments which are delivered with care and compassion.

Where to find her:

Colombo Centre
34 Colombo Street
London SE1 8DP

Riverside Medical Centre
Hobart House, St George Wharf
London SW8 2JB
M: 07583 905 210 


Patrick Luppi

As well as working in private practice, Patrick also teaches and tutors clinical skills to aspiring new osteopaths at a Master’s Level at the British School of Osteopathy where he graduated himself. 

His interest and training in biomechanics and ergonomics make him very aware on how each one of his patients needs personalised and tailored treatment and advice. Through osteopathic philosophy and techniques Patrick helps his patients to cope and overcome their pain, either from an acute onset or from any long-term problem.

Patrick has worked and lived in many places around the world where he became fluent in different languages, including French, Italian and Spanish, taking special interest in the different cultures and making him a very non-judgmental therapist and open to different belief systems. 

He understands how difficult it is to cope with pain and changes in a very demanding lifestyle. He aims to help people find their health and a certain balance in a challenging environment. He is an advocator of being present wherever one is, breathing less, eating less and doing more exercise. His understanding of human physiology will allow him to explain why one might improve ones life by doing so.

He employs a wide variety of techniques adapted to age, tissue quality and presentations. For people who wish to take treatment further, he offers full body treatments, which aim to gently ease joints of the whole body into a more natural position having for effect a more aligned, comfortable and healthy body. 

Patrick is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). He is also a member of the British Osteopathic Association (BOA) and registered with most private healthcare insurance providers such as AXA PPP and Simply Health.

He is also trained in Western Medical Acupuncture, Ergonomics, Classical and cranial Osteopathy. 

Where to find him:

Riverside Medical Centre
Hobart House, St George Wharf
London SW8 2JB
M: 07583 905 210 




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