As a therapist myself, I’m a total snob when it comes to treatments and am quite hard to please! However, Annik has really impressed me with her effective and gentle approach and I have been busy recommending her to clients and friends alike. Annik has cared for me throughout my pregnancy - not that I needed to keep seeing her mind you, she sorted out my initial complaints (pain around my coccyx, sciatica and ligament pain) within a few treatments. By that point though I had fallen in love with osteopathy and Annik's talented hands, and I can always feel the difference after seeing her and I think my baby can too! So I’ve continued to see her to keep up the good work and prevent further pregnancy issues from cropping up, as well as maintaining balance in my pelvis to set me up for a smooth labour and birth. With Annik I know I’m in safe hands, which is why I won’t hesitate to bring our baby along for treatments with her once he/she is earthside.

Maisie Hill

"I am a performer, and my body is a necessary part of my work. I went to Annik in 2012 when my shoulder seized up. Through ongoing thorough work, Annik not only freed up my shoulder, but actually isolated a problem in my core (stomach/lower back) that had been creating difficulties since I was 12. My stage presence has improved because I stand straighter now, breathe better and have a body that is not constantly seizing up. I have renamed Annik the Recalibrator - because that is what she does for me every time I go to see her. I can't recommend her enough for performers, and also for anyone with body pain. Her cranio-sacral work is also mind blowing."

Clare Murphy, freelance performer/artist

"I have been receiving weekly treatment from Annik for the past 3 months for a long term problem. Throughout that time I have found her highly professional and personable and excellent at diagnosing and treating problems. In addition, and what I think makes her outstanding, is her treatment of each patient as a unique challenge and thus her focus on acheiving the best possible outcome for that particular individual. Hence I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others." 

Mike Hughes, former English National Squash Coach

"I had a major problem with my back which became more pronounced since my wife became disabled. From the very first treatment it was clear that Annik knew what she was doing. Her approach to diagnosis and prognosis was logical and clear. Her social skills are of a high order. I have received much benefit from the treatments she gave me." 


"I have been really happy with the progression of my treatment with Annik. She always takes time to answer my questions and checks throughout the session that I am comfortable with what we are doing. I feel that the appearance and feel of my shoulder have improved. The stretches and exercises Annik has given me really help between appointments." 



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