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Ill health has become increasingly common in the work place. Our unique tailor made wellness program aims at assessing the health and safety of the work place by offering ergonomic assessments on a case to case basis, preventing and promoting health, and in those unfortunate cases helping the individual managing their particular condition and/or by treating it directly with osteopathy. 

As a legal requirement (Regulations 1992) HSE demands that DSE Workstation (Display Screen Equipment) and Manual Handling assessments are provided by the employers. There are different methods of complying including online self-assessment and training. Another option is to hire the services of professionals who will enhance the effectiveness of such training. Our Occupational Osteopathic service can provide such service.

We aim to provide employees with the knowledge of how to make little but important changes in the way they work, use their equipment and most importantly, understanding why they might be suffering from aches and pains, which are work related and how to avoid them. We offer different courses of assessment for small, medium and large companies depending on the company requirements. In general a typical assessment day will take place as follows: 

We initially make an assessment of the location in order to familiarise ourselves with the environment and see where there may be solutions to create healthier workstations. This normally will involve taking pictures of different postures and workstations, which will then be used during the course of the day.

We then offer a 50-60 minutes presentation, which covers the following points:

• Outline of the regulations and employer requirements.
• Basic anatomy and mechanisms of injury, including potential risks of prolonged computer work.
• Principals of good posture and sitting.
• Advice on correct workstation set up including chair controls, screen location, use of document holders and footrests.
• Common problems and bad habits and how to avoid them.
• Importance of taking breaks and what to do if symptoms are experienced

The presentation is then followed by one to one workstation assessments looking at each person in detail. Our unique osteopathic and ergonomic training enables us to address any existing aches and pains and advice on improving the workstation setup in order to prevent problems in the future. Where possible, some changes are made at the time – such as moving equipment and adjusting the chair. If equipment is required this will be listed – it is usually the less expensive things like copy-holders or footrests. New chairs are not frequently recommended, unlike other companies who take commissions from chairs and equipment they recommend. Experience shows that the problem usually is how the chair is used rather than the chair itself.

We are an independent advising company and are not financially linked to any retail companies.

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